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Celebrating over 30 years of community education

In 2013 we celebrated our 30th year of community education provision. Throughout that time South Coast Colleges has continued to focus on training and education and have become specialists in the field.
We are trading under two branch names, South Coast Community College (Vocational Training and Education Courses) and Adult Ed Community College (General Lifestyle Courses), collectively known as South Coast Colleges.

Our Values

Board & Committee Members

Our trading names are South Coast Community College (Vocational Education and Training Courses) and Adult Ed Community College (general Lifestyle Courses), collectively known as South Coast Colleges (SCC).

South Coast Colleges (SCC) is committed to community development. Building a better community through quality work skills and lifestyle training is vital. To ensure we are able to provide the best service to meet our community needs, SCC is managed by a board of dedicated committee members representing all sectors of our community.

Our Board members have a breadth of experience, knowledge and passion, that will assist us to deliver on our strategic goals and contribute their expertise to our organisation.  This provides a foundation of consultation with industry, employers, community organisations and the public for the planning and operation of our centre. Many of our courses are delivered in partnership with local business and community organisations.

Mr Ewan Morrison
Mr Gary Watkins
Mr David Ashford
Board Member
Mrs Jenni Philippa
Board Member

Launch of our Vocational ‘arm’: South Coast Community College

South Coast Community College (SCCC), the exciting vocational training arm of South Coast Colleges is officially launched!

Is this new?? Not really! We have a new name, but are drawing on the established reputation of excellence from our many years delivery of life changing accredited education programs.

We have led the way for many years as the community services training provider of choiceAs our vocational training programs have grown (so has our footprint) we believe now is the time to launch a dedicated branch of the business that focuses wholly on nationally accredited qualifications and career pathways.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we have continually delivered exceptional results with 87% of our students completing their chosen qualification compared to a national average of 35.8%. We take the matter of educating very seriously and design our training programs to extract the very best from our students.

South Coast Community College – Building a better community through quality work skills training and education

The majority of our programs are classroom based face to face, interactive and project-based where possible. The programs are realistic in their time frame and we take the time to understand exactly what each student requires to get the very best out of the experience. All training is relevant to the local labour market and relevant to our ‘students’ needs.

We understand that programs need to be affordable and accessible and we value our ongoing relationship through Training Services NSW and with the delivery of Smart and Skilled. Smart and Skilled enables us to offer subsidised training to enable people to enter, reskill or progress within the workforce.

South Coast Colleges is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 76 709 589 251